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Monster Wash

2196 West Diamond Blvd, Anchorage, AK, US, 99515
Monster Wash

The Monster Wash is owned and created by lifelong Alaskans who can truly appreciate the needs and demands of an Alaskan car wash.  Whether it is the worst break-up mud covered car, a snow coated snow machine trailer, or a bug ridden RV, the Monster Wash utilizes the best in touch less wash technology coupled with our special Alaskan washes to give your vehicle a clean you will not believe.

Not only is it clean, the Monster Wash is green.  Our state of the art water reclamation system keeps harmful toxins out of our water supply while minimizing water consumption.  The Monster Wash is your only commercial option in Alaska to wash your vehicle while protecting the environment.

Our 6 different bays can wash any street legal vehicle, cars, pick-ups, rack/plow trucks, box vans, work vehicles, RV’s, trailers, commercial vehicles, and anything else that can legally motor down the highway.

We can wash anything from RV’s to puppies.  There are two Monster Pet Wash facilities that also use the latest technology to wash your pet.  The Monster Wand pumps warm soapy water followed by a clean warm rinse. You can scrub and rinse Fido without even getting your hands dirty.

Our corporate offices are located on site and a manager’s residence will overlook the back of the project. We are always available to provide the best service possible. As the owner of Publix Storage we have provided excellent service and value to Alaskans for over 17 years.

We look forward to seeing you at the Monster Wash.



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